This issue is similar to one that comes up with Apple's Alchemy plugin. Thanks to the Apple Alchemy team for providing the support article that inspired this one

Example error dialog


Kazrog stores its settings as XML files in a folder located at ~/Music/Audio Music Apps/Plug-In Settings/Kazrog (where “~” is your user folder). 

If Kazrog can’t find or write to this folder, then you might not see any presets in the Kazrog window, or you might see an alert that Kazrog can’t write to its own folder. If there is no "Kazrog" folder here, this means the plugin was unable to create its own directory, due to being locked out by the file permissions within macOS itself.

Make sure that you have Read & Write access to the Kazrog folder and/or Plug-In Settings folder

  1. From the toolbar, click File >Quit your recording software.
  2. In the Finder, go to ~/Music/Audio Music Apps/Plug-In Settings/.
  3. Select the "Kazrog" folder - if one exists. If not, select the "Plug-In Settings" folder itself.
  4. Press Command (⌘) + I to open the Info window for the folder.
  5. Click the lock at the lower right-corner of the Info window. You might need to expand the Sharing & Permissions pane.
  6. Authenticate with your username and password if asked.
  7. Select your username in the list under Name. Make sure that Privilege is set to Read & Write.
  8. Click the gear menu at the bottom of the window. Choose “Apply to enclosed items.”
  9. A dialog might ask you to confirm this change. Press OK.
  10. Restart the computer.


Alternative solution - Advanced users - use the Terminal

1.) Launch the macOS Terminal (located in /Applications/Utilities/ on your boot drive)

2.) Copy and paste the following command into the Terminal, and press enter:

sudo chmod -R 777 ~/Music/Audio Music Apps/Plug-In Settings/

3.) You may be prompted for your macOS user password after entering the command. If the password is wrong, you'll be prompted again. If you get it right, the Terminal will simply return you to a new line.

4.) When you relaunch your DAW, you may need to re-scan any plugins that didn't pass validation.