No Complex DRM

At Kazrog, we understand the importance of keeping the creative workflow uninterrupted and hassle-free. Therefore, unlike many other software providers in the audio industry, our plugins do not incorporate iLok, dongles, challenge/response systems, or other DRM mechanisms. Our goal is to offer a straightforward and transparent user experience, eliminating unnecessary complications that can hinder your creative process.

Separate Downloads for Demos and Full Versions

To distinguish between trial evaluations and full software usage, Kazrog provides separate downloads for demos and full versions of our software. This approach allows users to fully assess our products through demos before making a purchase decision. Once you decide to purchase, downloading the full version ensures you get the complete features and capabilities of our software without the need for "unlocking" a demo version.

Flexible Licensing for Multiple Machines

Kazrog values the flexibility of our users and understands the need to access your tools across various workstations. Therefore, we permit the use of our licenses on as many machines as an individual user owns. This policy is designed to support our users' dynamic working environments, whether in a studio, at home, or on the go, ensuring that your Kazrog software is always accessible when and where you need it.

Software Uninstallation Requirement

In keeping with our commitment to flexibility and fairness, Kazrog requires users to uninstall our software (or reformat their machine) prior to selling or transferring it to a third party.


Kazrog is dedicated to providing a user-friendly experience, emphasizing the ease of use, flexibility, and accessibility of our audio effects plugins. By eschewing complex DRM systems and offering straightforward licensing terms, we aim to support your creative journey without imposing unnecessary restrictions or complications.

Should you have any questions about our licensing policy or need assistance with our software, our support team is always here to help.